CalPOP Cloud

VPS / Public Cloud / Private Cloud


The CalPOP cloud is your affordable alternative to a dedicated server. We offer 3 cloud products: VPS, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud. Built upon SSD Drives and configured in RAID 10, our VPS and Public cloud products provide speed, power, and redundancy.

For as low as $15/month the Cloud is the economic way to start and then scale your web presence. You can spin up a VPS in minutes, our cheapest option for those in need of simple and fast hosting. If you’re looking for more advanced control of your environment, the Public Cloud offers additional features including the ability to build multiple Virtual Machines and Volume Snapshots.

If you require a private infrastructure, our Private Cloud is the solution for you. The Private Cloud also comes with additional features like project and user management giving you complete control. Built on Citrix Xenserver technology, your private cloud is also very customizable, with an array of different hypervisor and SAN configurations available.

The cloud is the cutting edge of on-demand computing. Let CalPOP provide you a reliable and affordable foundation for all your cloud computing needs.

Features VPS Public Cloud Private Cloud
Build VM from Template
Firewall Management
High Availability
SSD Storage
Apache Cloudstack
RAID 10: HDD Redundancy & High Read/Write Speed
Remote Reboots
Port Forwarding
SATA Storage
SSH Key Access
Volume Snapshots (Backups)
Scalable Environment
Multiple VM’s
Build VM from ISO
Create custom Templates
Multiple IPs
Static NAT
Upload ISO
Private Infrastructure
Project Management
User Management
Professional Private Cloud only
Available at Extra Charge

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