Los Angeles Colocation

    • Single Server
    • Colocation
    • Perfect for starting, nice price and great options.
    • 2U
    • 1.5 Amps
    • 10 Mbps Bandwidth
    • FREE Reboots
    • 19`` w/Shelves
    • 24/7 On-Site Support
    • Multi-Homed Bandwidth
    • FREE Set-Up
    • $97.00mo
    • 1/4 Cabinet
    • Colocation
    • Great value for growing businesses
    • 10U
    • 5 Amps
    • 25 Mbps Bandwidth
    • FREE Reboots
    • 19`` w/Shelves
    • 24/7 Support
    • Multi-Homed Bandwidth
    • FREE Set-Up
    • $347.00mo
    • Half Cabinet
    • Colocation
    • 54% chose this

    • 20U
    • 10 Amps
    • 50 Mbps Bandwidth
    • FREE Reboots
    • 19`` w/Shelves
    • 24/7 On-Site Support
    • Multi-Homed Bandwidth
    • FREE Set-Up
    • $527.00mo
    • Full Cabinet
    • Colocation
    • Great value for 40U of rack space
    • 40U
    • 20 Amps
    • 100 Mbps Bandwidth
    • FREE Reboots
    • 19`` w/Shelves
    • 24/7 On-Site Support
    • Multi-Homed Bandwidth
    • FREE Set-Up
    • $947.00mo

    Colocate your server in our Premium Data Center at the major bandwidth peering points of downtown Los Angeles. Our unlimeted tech services are available 24/7/365. Come visit us today to tour our secure facilities.

    The CalPOP data center is located right at the fiber peering points where hundreds of networks meet, directly on the internet ‘backbone’, meaning you get the best possible connection to the internet. Tour our 35,000 sq. foot facility!

    CalPOP Colocation – Your Server is ALWAYS available!

    CalPOP is located in the only commercial building in Los Angeles completely dedicated to data center tenants. Backup power generators are in the basement and roof. CalPOP also has its own battery powered generators. All servers have multiple network inputs so if one internet network has a failure numerous back ups are available. CalPOP boasts around the clock, 24/7, even on national holidays, technicians keeping your server working.

    Housing your company’s server in the utility room is becoming antiquated as the hard line telephone and whole milk. Modern business organizations increasingly value the benefits of collocating their mission-critical servers inside secure, around the clock data centers. Colocating – moving your server to a data center, is becoming popular and practical because internet connections are now more than 99% stable, and business realize the time and cost of using a premiere data center’s infrastructure, containing all the information technology and communications facilities in a well guarded, secure location with highly trained and experience IT professionals constantly monitoring the customers servers.

    Customers reduce their business’ ‘backhaul network’ costs, the extra amount of bandwidth necessary to transmit messages, and hence their internal networks perform at faster data speeds for other bandwidth uses. And by outsourcing network traffic to a colocation service provider with greater bandwidth capacity, server and web site access speeds usually improve considerably.

    Most importantly, the amount of server downtime, even with a power outage, is almost totally eliminated, as CalPOP has redundant backup power supply, server backup, and computer technicians always available should any problem arise.

    Why Colocation is better than In-house

    Problem Server at your Business Colocation at CalPOP
    Power Failure Your Business is at a standstill until the power comes
    back. There is a risk of data loss if your servers do not shut down
    cleanly before the power is interrupted.
    CalPOP’s redundant arrays of diesel generators, our
    weeklong emergency fuel supply, and our redundant battery-backed
    uninterpretable power supplies and automatic transfer switches ensure
    reliable operation and minimize the risk of data loss due to the loss
    of electrical power.
    Overheating Most commercial buildings do not run their air
    conditioners after hours, or have redundant air conditioning systems.
    Few commercial buildings have high-powered Computer Room Air Handlers
    required to cool large numbers of servers. Servers will begin to fail
    at 90 degrees Fahrenheit; an overheated server room with no air
    conditioning can reach temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which
    will destroy most hard drives, causing severe data loss, and also
    cause severe damage to other parts of the equipment.
    CalPOP’s massive air cooling system is particularly engineered to insure optimum server temperatures.
    Network Reliability Most buildings have at most two internet
    uplinks, and you will not be able to BGP peer with your internet
    service providers; thus, your site will typically become inaccessible
    even if one of the uplinks remains online.
    CalPOP has redundant 10 gigabit ethernet
    connections to a large number of providers; and the CalPOP network is
    fully redundant both at the network edge, in the core, and at the
    distribution layer. The physical fiber connections entering the
    building are also redundant, eliminating the risk of outages due to
    accidental cutting of a single fiber otpic cable.
    Maintenance While you can remotely access your servers, unless you
    have onsite techs 24/7, you cannot respond to a wide array of
    malfunctions, including failures that disrupt your remote management
    CalPOP datacenter technicians are available 24/7/365 to
    provide all needed maintenance to your servers, including emergency
    reboots and troubleshooting operating system reinstallation, virus
    removal, and file recovery.
    Hardware Failure If the physical hardware of your server fails
    outside of normal business hours, you must send someone onsite to
    repair it, which can result in an extended outage and significant
    expense. You must also maintain a spare parts inventory, which can be
    expensive, or face further outages while waiting for replacement
    CalPOP maintains an extensive spare parts
    inventory, and our experienced technicians are capable of performing
    any needed repairs on your equipment.
    Software Failure While many application or operating system faults
    can be corrected remotely; a range of severe operating system level
    malfunctions can cause a crash and prevent your system from rebooting,
    requiring onsite intervention to correct.
    We also provide complimentary monitoring services,
    that allow us to immediately detect and respond to operating system
    and application level faults in your infrastructure.
    Physical Security Most office and industrial buildings lack a
    continual 24/7 presence of security guards within the building,
    pervasive video surveillance, and multiple layers of access controls.
    Thus, your servers are exposed to dangers ranging from criminal
    activity, to employee mischief, to the negligence of nighttime
    cleaning crews.
    A team of armed guards patrols the datacenter facility at
    all times. Access to the building is via keycard; the elevators are
    also operated via keycard. Multiple layers of internal security
    prevent unauthorized access to equipment, including biometric
    scanners, physical combination locks, and RFID badges. Pervasive
    video surveillance is maintained in all server rooms.

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