Welcome to CalPOP!

For over 15 years CalPOP customers have been receiving unprecedented premier hosting, collocation, data and computer services. Our central hub headquarters is within the only commercial building in Los Angeles, California completely dedicated to computer data services, providing our customers with the greatest availability of fiber networks, access to unprecedented auxiliary power, and around the clock physical security. CalPOP’s computer engineers are always available to you 24/7/365. CalPOP welcomes you to explore our web page for the most competitive server hosting, colocation, web design and the full array of data and support services deals.

What is a Premier Data Center?

A Premier Data Center must be or have:

  • SAS 70 Type II Certified
  • Overlapping redundancy of data connections and electric power
  • Complete services for all data needs
  • 24/7 available computer professional to serve the customer
  • Highest levels of commercial security

CalPOP is a Premier Data Center because we are SAS 70Type II certified; overlapping redundancy of data backup, connections and electric power supply, provide the fullest extent of data services — everything from simple web hosting to collocating thousands of servers for major companies, including web design and registration, cloud hosting; 24 hour, seven days a week our highly experienced and trained computer engineers monitor thousands of servers, providing ongoing maintenance and always have a human available to assist if a problem arises; and are located in the only commercial building in Los Angeles completely dedicated to providing data services with around the clock security requiring numerous human and electronic checks before anyone even enters CalPOP’s facilities.

What is SAS 70 Type II Certified?

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has developed industry wide standards for independent audits of data centers called the ‘Statement of Auditing Standards’ (SAS) No. 70. AICPA has 121 different categories of SAS.
A SAS 70 Type I audit evaluates the legitimacy of the data centers’s controls to guarantee they are completing their designated objective successfully. A SAS 70 Type II audit goes further, employing an independent, licensed CPA to evaluate the Type I report and assess the security of stored data on the network by testing the controls over an allocated period of time.
CalPOP consistently completes all of the qualifications of the SAS 70 Type II audit. A data center can only be considered ‘Premiere’ with this audit certification.

CalPOP has overlapping redundancy of data backup, connections and electric power supply

Any data service customer’s server must always be up and running.
Computer engineers are constantly monitoring and serving your server to keep it on line and functioning at its highest potential. CalPOP has an overlapping system design of redundancy in our data connections and electric power supply.

CalPOP provides all data and internet services

CalPOP provides dedicated servers, collocation, cloud hosting, shared hosting, virtual private servers, and all aspects of web design, even to register your domain name. A Premiere Data Center must provide top quality service. There is no need to shop around for different services to insure your data is available to your company or the general public.

CalPOP always has computer professionals on site to assist our customers

At CalPOP our highly experienced and trained computer engineers monitor thousands of servers, providing ongoing maintenance, and are available on location 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, every day of the year, in case any problem might arise regarding your server, or even if the customer desires routine changes in the middle of the night — because a Premiere Data Center understands that human beings need their data 24 hours a day, not only during business hours.

CalPOP provides the highest level of commercial security

CalPOP is located at 600 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, California, the only building in Los Angeles that is a fully dedicated data center. We are not in a multiuse building. All visitors must first be approved by security to even open the door off the street. They must then provide valid government identification and are logged into security’s computer system. The visitor is then issued a pass and must await an escort from CalPOP to even enter the elevators. To enter the elevators and the CalPOP data center require another electronic security entry.
For the more discerning customer, CalPOP also provides even greater security in a different area of the building that requires another identification check, sign in, and being accompanied by a CalPOP employee utilizing a hand scan three (3) times to enter the high security area. Then, each set of servers are locked in individual cages. These areas also have ongoing video surveillance.
Apologies to Tom Cruise. He just can’t break in and steal data.
Additionally, CalPOP’s computer engineers will design and maintain a cyber security program, including firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spying software and so your server will have the highest level of protection from outsiders.

CalPOP Your Premier Data Center