For some, “The Cloud” is a visable mass of water particles in the sky above. For others, “the Cloud” is an ambiguous term for the internet as a whole. As in the old network diagrams and graphics where your local network of computers connects to a cloud shaped representation of the public internet.

While the term is still a rather generalized term for the internet, but is now being branded into more specific services.
Cloud computing

Cloud computer takes computer tasks which were once confined to a single machine on your desk and moves them onto the internet. This would include pretty much everything a desktop or single server once did. Some examples can be seen in the graphic below:


At Calpop you can design and build your own cloud. Using one or many of our Dedicated Server’s you can provide data storage, databases or application services to your entire office (a virtual private cloud) or the public (a public cloud).

Very soon we will be offering Virtual Servers where you can adjust the amounts of system resources you are using on the fly, as needed.


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